Finest quality meat
since 1996 

Stratford Tidjara Halal Meat since 1996

If you’ve been to our shop, you’ve seen and experienced what keeps our customers coming back for more.

Professional staff, finest meat products: delicious beef steaks, tender lamb chops, fresh chicken – all sliced and/or minced upon your request. Pop in today and check us out!

 We are demanding how our food is produced and the process of transforming an animal into the meat of our dishes. We produce pure and natural meat. Meat slaughtered correctly with animals treated with compassion.

Stratford Tidjara Halal Meat, since 1996. Ethically grown and looked after cattle, slaughtered in accordance with Islamic tradition is the key for halal meat production – an alternative to traditional meats available on the market. Our high quality beef, lamb and poultry are tender and reach in flavour. Tidjara always serves only fresh meat, any quantities can be ordered in advance for special occasion.

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